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How To Thrive, Both Personally And Professionally, In A Time Of Accelerating Change

Change is everywhere.

Raise your hand if, in early 2020, you worried that the COVID-19 global pandemic would last for . . . months! Fast forward to today (over two years later), and most of us realize the “before times” are forever gone and, like it or not, there is no going back to what was.

Everything has changed. Everything.

The old rules no longer apply and our past playbooks are useless. Nothing can be assumed or taken for granted — careers, commerce, public health, education, financial markets, climate, societal norms, families, technology, political systems, food systems . . . it’s all shifting under our feet.

So, what do we do now?

Perhaps a better question to ask is “Who do we want to be now?”

In other words, as a unique individual with many layers of experiences, skills, identities, interests and passions, how can you show up and thrive in an ever-changing future, with grace and resilience?

If you’ve been asking yourself this question — “Who do I want to be now?” — then I invite you to check out the work of two incredible women who are helping people to create new frameworks for thriving into this rapidly changing future.


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