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Fear, Faith And Film, Part 1

Augusto Valverde and Alex Harz had never met one another before I introduced them this past June. They were both presenting their work at the Fifth-Annual SeriesFest, a Denver-based festival and marketplace dedicated to showcasing innovative episodic content from around the world.

On the surface, the two men appear to have very little in common. But, after digging a bit deeper, I found surprising common threads. Both use the power of modern technology (digital video, social media and even virtual reality) to share their incredible travel adventures with the world. And, for both, the real adventure is the journey of self-discovery, cross-cultural connections, and spiritual awakening found in traveling with a deeper purpose in mind.

In part one of Fear, Faith and Film, we meet Augusto Valverde and travel the world. In part two, we meet Alex Harz and his muse, Mt. Everest.


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