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Hello! Thanks for stopping by.


I'm Andrea Bazoin (say "Bah-Zwah"), M.Ed. and I'm a hybrid professional. This means when I work, I often combine my experience in higher education administration, community and youth advocacy, entrepreneurship, writing, and wellness.


My personal cross-cultural identity gives me a unique worldview and often influences my professional pursuits.

If I had to give myself a title, I'd call myself a "holistic strategist," because I work with individuals, teams, and communities to identify and dismantle the practical and personal barriers that keep them from fully participating in our ever-accelerating future.


How? By translating complex processes into simple, actionable, inclusive frameworks that can be implemented at scale - resulting in positive, organization-wide change.

My work is made visible through...



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I'm not a fan of spam. I'm guessing you're not either. 

I do, however, love meaningful connections that change the world. You too? Great!

The best way to reach me for professional purposes is via LinkedIn. You can also email me.


  • Andrea Bazoin
  • Oil For All, LLC
  • everHuman, LLC
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