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Travel The World With A Smartphone And A Credit Card

Since the start of the global pandemic, travel has been out of the question for most of us. My partner and I had planned to spend the summer of 2020 in France, where he is from, but of course, our plans were canceled. Now that we both work from home, indefinitely, we were able to reschedule our trip this last summer – finally enjoying quality time with our French family and friends.

A few days after we arrived at my mother-in-law’s apartment in Chantepie – a village outside of Rennes (the regional capital of Brittany, France), my partner asked me if I still had the idea to take a side trip alone. I had briefly considered this idea before we left the United States but hadn’t made a plan. It was a Tuesday evening, and he pointed out that every weekend of our entire summer was already booked – except the one coming up. So, if I wanted to travel somewhere it was now or never.

Ok – now!

Only, I hadn’t traveled alone outside of the United States in over 20 years! With less than three days to plan this solo trip, I was a bit nervous. Fortunately, in 2021, all you really need to travel is a smartphone and a credit card.

Curious how I did it? Ready to hop on a plane this weekend? Then here are the tech tools I used to enjoy a week in Italy – visiting three cities with three day’s notice.


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