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Podcast Episode: Technology made it easy, on Wisdom Women Podcast

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by a never-ending feed of digital information, exhausted by the pressure to keep up with the latest apps and programs, or even somehow less connected to friends, family, and colleagues who are scattered across social media. It seems like all of us suffer from technology tension, digital dementia, or app anxiety.

Relax, you are not alone. In this episode, we will talk with a specialist in this field, Andrea Bazoin.

Andrea is the owner of ever human; she is a human resilience activator which means she works with individuals to identify and dismantle the practical and personal barriers that keep people from thriving in our ever-accelerating future; she serves as a business consultant throughout her company ever human, she is also the technology columnist for cultures magazine and a passionate advocate for a natural, toxin-free lifestyle that supports people and planet. She is based in Colorado but has additional ties to locations across the country and worldwide.

Visit Andrea Bazoin's profile on LinkedIn

This podcast is for you if you have a love-hate relationship with their technology.

During today’s conversation, here’s what you will learn:

  • How to navigate an ever-changing digital world with confidence

  • What is overwhelmed

  • 4 Thoughts that will keep you overwhelmed

  • How to get out of Overwhelmed?

  • The Ability-Mindset Matrix

  • How to overcome the confidence gap

  • The power of compound effect

Betina Meyer Pflug is an entrepreneur, a business and life coach, a marketing and CRM specialist with a passion for supporting nonprofit professionals. She has a degree in hotel management, received her MBA from Rotman School in Canada, and has completed three different coaching certifications, including a specialization in facilitating nonprofits, life coaching, and biopsychology to promote positive mental attitudes for mental and physical wellbeing. If you want to know more about her work, visit the website

Nonprofits - Wity and schedule a quick call if you are interested in having a mentor. How to contact Betina Pflug? Send us an email at podcast@wity.techwww.wity.techWity Coaching


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