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Podcast Episode: Human Resilience Activation with Andrea Bazoin

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Human Resilience Activation with Andrea Bazoin How does one determine a person’s value? By society’s standards, it’s inextricably tied to the amount of money that is made. If this is the primary metric, than the many people who have lost work due to the pandemic may find their self-esteem and self-worth at an all-time low. Andrea Bazoin believes value should be measured not only by monetary worth, but by the wealth of our relationships, health and other less measurable, although highly important, factors. Learn how her experience as a Human Resilience Activator can help you get unstuck from old paradigms of identity surrounding work and surrender to the flow of where life is taking you, all while staying in alignment with your truest self. Andrea Bazoin is a human resilience activator, which means she works with individuals and teams to identify and dismantle the practical and personal barriers that keep them from thriving in our ever-accelerating future. This work is expressed in three areas: she is the Founder of everHuman, a technology education company; a columnist for Culturs Magazine, a publication that provides content and community for culturally-fluid people; and a Certified Essential Oil Specialist and Wellness Advocate for doTERRA, a global essential oil company. Learn more about Chelley and lighthouse/haven and receive The 5 Signs You're Having a Spiritual Awakening:


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