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Climate Justice: The Future Is Intersectional

Asian elephants

Snow leopards

Black-footed ferrets

Giant pandas

Polar bears

Human beings

What do all of these have in common? They are all endangered species.

Humans, of course, are not on the official endangered species list. And yet, millions of people face the real threat of cultural extinction and death due to the effects of the climate crisis: intense heat waves that lead to drought, crop failure, and starvation. Increased disease and global pandemics. Intensified weather that leads to catastrophic events like hurricanes and wildfires. The list goes on.

U.S.-born, Sweden-based sustainability scientist Dr. Kimberly Nicholas, author of UNDER THE SKY WE MAKE: How to be Human in a Warming World, explains the climate crisis this way:

  1. It’s warming.

  2. It’s us.

  3. We’re sure.

  4. It’s bad.

  5. We can fix it.

But, can we fix it?


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